Research software engineering (RSE) group at UiT

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We want to help all researchers and students at UiT to develop and improve their research software. This can span from simple R or Python scripts to complex GPU enabled software packages.

Save time on your project by getting quick and comprehensive help by experts.

Office hours: Every Wednesday 13:00 - 15:00

Need help with anything code related? Visit us during our office hours. Every Wednesday 13:00 - 15:00 in room A209 in Modulbygget.

What we offer

  • Help with improving your scripts/code
    • Code review: we look together at your code/script and give constructive feedback and advice
    • Making code more reproducible and reusable
    • Advice and help how to best document code
    • Advice about whether to use YAML or CSV or JSON or TOML or something else
    • Consulting and help with web development (static websites, JavaScript, HTML, CSS frameworks)
  • Help with organising your code
    • Help with modularizing your code
    • Help with moving your work/project/code/data to Git
    • Help with Git, GitHub, and GitLab
    • Help with organization of reusable and reproducible Jupyter notebooks and Binder
  • Help with sharing your code
    • Help publishing your code
    • Help with software licenses and open sourcing
    • Packaging and sharing software
    • Containerization (Singularity, Docker)
    • Help with pip, PyPI, and Conda
  • Help with running your code faster
    • Improving scaling, CPU, and memory footprint of research codes
    • Porting to GPU
    • Moving from local computer to cloud or high-performance computing (using e.g. NRIS resources)

If you have questions about code you wrote or want to write, please contact us or come and talk to us

Short presentation slide deck for research groups

The Research Software Engineering Group has been of great help to me in starting to use Git and organizing my code. I joined the Code Refinery workshops, which provided a good introduction to Git. In the time that followed, the RSE group was available to answer Git-related questions, making it easier for me to apply Git to my own research work. The RSE group also introduced me to tools like Black, Flake8, and docstring guides for cleaning up code, as well as creating top-level functions in scripts and importing functions via symlink. The sessions have been a combination of in-person help and group discussions, both of which have worked out well. The group is always welcoming and eager to help with any problems you may have.